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K2 tools module

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The available K2 modules are: K2 Content, K2 Tools, K2 Comments, K2 User and K2 Users. Below there is a brief reference to each one, in order to familiarize . Hi, I'm not sure I really understood the use of K2 tools custom code function. I would like to publish a specific custom content on a single. Same Demo Select CATEGORY enter image description here. Show picture blog it OK. enter image description here. My Develop template I.

To: require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/'.'');. This is a known bug and an official solution should be given in the next K2 update. K2 is the popular, powerful and awarded content extension for Joomla! with CCK- like features developed by JoomlaWorks, makers of fine Joomla! extensions. 8 Aug K2 can generate a customisable calendar that can be placed into any module position, pulling data from specified items. A typical use of the.

Both modules were K2 tools modules, one linked to categories and one to Were you trying to place both modules inside a single K2 item?. 19 May Would it be possible to add a word limit for articles displayed when using the K2 Tools (Search Module). So exactly how you can do it in. This module can filter your K2 content by several extra fields, tags, category with shsef (/12/20) * K2 Content tools module broken because of the. 24 Dec you can see it here, you can search the word 'Example' show short article containing image then link full article, i use. It is a problem in K2, but still could not get any answer in the forum of I am having problems using the filter by date using the Calendar module.

1) Module used in demo: K2 Tools 2) Module must be published on "sidebar" position 3) Must have class " menu". User avatar: Platinum. K2 component configuration, component display for Spire Template. Click “ New” to create new module and choose “K2 Tool” as a type of module. MODULE PREVIEW: CONFIGURATION: Module type: K2 Tools; Position: right; You can also read K2 documentation for more information: K2 Documentation. 16 Aug I know there's a K2 Tools module and it has among other things, its own Custom HTML module. The only difference that I've noticed is that it.


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